People are often chasing after things that they think they want, but in reality, these things are only a means to an end. They think they want to go to the gym and be fit, but what they might really want is to feel good and confident. They may think they want an expensive car but what they might be longing for are status and respect. So often, people are going for something that they think will solve their problem when they have never been allowed to connect to what they love and create a life based on that.

What People Really Want

When you get down to it, most people just want to be happy. They want to feel good and experience love and connection. However, so often people go about trying to achieve happiness in all the wrong ways. They think that if they can just get X, Y, or Z, then they'll finally be happy. But the truth is that X, Y, or Z will only ever be temporary Band-Aids for much deeper issues. If you're not happy with your life as it is right now, then chasing after those external things will never make you truly happy.

How To Create Lasting Happiness

It's essential that we feel emotionally aligned with what we desire if we want to create lasting change in our lives. We can't plant the seeds of scarcity and expect to grow an abundance trees. Simply achieving a goal (like better health, more wealth, or a healthier relationship) won't necessarily make us better or happier people - it will just make us different. Change comes from within, and it starts with a shift in our thinking and emotions. When we align our desires with our emotions, we open ourselves up to limitless possibilities. We become motivated to take action and achieve our goals. And when we reach those goals, we don't just feel different - we feel transformed.

So often, people are chasing after things that they think will make them happy but in reality, these things are only Band-Aids for much deeper issues. If you're not satisfied with your life as it is right now, learning how to love yourself and your life exactly as it is—warts and all—is the key to happiness. Once you can do that, everything else will fall into place. My name is Sanda, and I use a process called RECODE to help people let go of self-doubts, old beliefs, and limiting thoughts so that they can live the beautiful life that they deserve, contact me here.